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Chef & Owner Angelo Micheli brings to you fresh ingredients from our very own garden which enhances the farm to fork flavors of Italy. Juicy steaks and delicious seafood dishes are prepared just to your liking.


Some of Our Menu Favorites —


Steamed Clams

Manila clams with white wind, garlic and butter.


Steak John

Eight ounces of tender steak pieces served with Worcestershire cream sauce.


Chicken Piccata

Capers, lemon, white wine, sweet butter.

Calamari Limonata

Hand breaded calamari steak with lemon barre blanc sauce.



Lotus Inn Prawns

Brandy battered prawns with a spicy aioli.


Bricked Chicken

Half a chicken, brined, de-boned, seared and roasted with pan au jus.


Filet Mignon

Hand cut steak with mashed potatoes.


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Everything you see I owe to spaghetti
— Sophia Loren